Online Dating PLR - Limited Licence

Online Dating PLR 

5 articles 
400+ words each
Limited to 50 licenses

Useful and profitable in many niches from self-help, health and WAHM, to marriage, relationships and even parenting; online dating is part of an evergreen market that will never die out. 

Online dating PLR is always a hot seller for bloggers and marketers to invest in. Add quality content to the popularity of this relationship sub-niche, and you have a sure-fire PLR product that pulls in profit.

Product Information

The Online Dating PLR pack includes 5 articles, 400+ words each. High quality and well researched content, this PLR article pack is complete with the information you need as a relationship and marriage authority. 

As a marketer myself, I know how important it is for your subscribers to trust any info-products you offer. 

Each article includes top notch information that is easy to understand, edit and brand. 

Online Dating: 5 PLR Articles

Exclusive to In A Pickle PLR, I’ve got your back with high quality, solution-driven articles that include:

  • Safety tips for online dating
  • Do’s and don’ts of dating online
  • Online dating: what you are doing wrong and how to fix it
  • Types of online dating sites
  • Online dating 101 – tips to get you started

This is frustration-free content allowing for quick alteration, adding your affiliate links to or re-purposing into a variety of digital products you feel are best-suited to the needs of your readers and customers.

Are you ready to make some money?

Online Dating - 5 Article PLR Pack

Get Your Ex Back PLR - Limited License

Get Your Ex Back PLR 

5 articles 
400+ words each
Limited to 50 licenses 

Perfect for anyone working in the relationship niche; info-products providing solutions to getting your ex back are hot sellers. And I do mean HOT!

Product Information
I created this pack of 5 PLR articles with top selling Clickbank and Amazon products in mind.

(Though not for those products specifically)

To build your online reputation as a relationship and marriage authority, it's important that any info-products you offer can be trusted. 

Each article includes top notch information that is easy to understand, edit, add your affiliate links to or reformat into multiple types of products you feel are best-suited to the needs of your readers and customers.

Get Your Ex Back: 5 PLR Articles

To help you provide useful information that will drive traffic and gain loyal readers, this Get Your Ex Back PLR pack includes 5 articles covering the following: 
  • What you may be doing to ruin your chances of getting your ex back 
  • Understanding the reasons you want your ex back
  • The worst reasons for reuniting with your ex
  • Considering if your ex is worth a second chance 
  • How to try and get your ex back after betraying their trust

Quick Tip:
==>Your readers came to you for information - give it to them!<==

This top selling relationship sub-niche is a popular money-maker for marketers, but you can't count on topic popularity alone.   

Your ability to find true success in the "Get Your Ex Back" niche (or any niche for that matter) depends on the quality of your product and the solutions you provide.

Lack of time and inspiration is not an acceptable excuse for poorly written articles and blog posts. You should never offer any but well-written content with up-to-date, useful & unique information. And that's where my In A Pickle PLR and ghostwriting services come in. 

*NOTE: Article rewrites are now available for this popular Get Your Ex Back PLR pack in the relationship niche.*

Get Ex Back - 5 Article PLR Pack

Save My Marriage PLR - Limited License

Save My Marriage PLR

5 articles
400+ words each
Limited to 100 50 licenses

*NOTE: License limit has been dropped. Article rewrites are also now available. See below for details.*

Marriage advice is a HOT HOT HOT topic in an already foolproof niche, but quality content remains the key to success. I wrote these marriage based PLR articles with a focus on providing you with information that your readers can actually use.

Product Information
Perfect for anyone in the dating, relationship & marriage, self-help or family niches. 

This source of valuable PLR content covers the following important marriage advice, full of information your readers can actually use:
  • Strengthening your marriage with laughter
  • Ways dating your spouse can save your marriage
  • 5 Steps to a better marriage
  • Tips for keeping your marriage safe and sound
  • Learn to appreciate your spouse again
*QUICK TIP: Creating your own high quality infoproducts in this lucrative evergreen niche is a surefire winner, but marriage advice also remains one of the most profitable topics of Clickbank and Amazon products.

Save My Marriage - 5 Article PLR Pack

Cheap Daily Web Content - 10 Subscribers Only

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Daily Web Content packs provide you with the opportunity to own Full Rights to high quality content for low quality prices.

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Weekly Web Content Package: 2 Options

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Do you work in a niche that isn’t listed here? Feel free to ask me about it  - I’m happy to help if I can. 

Product Description
As you can see, the 3 month option includes 3 content packs for the price of 2! Delivered once a week; this offer provides an additional 10 subscriptions with enough content for every day of the week.

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5 Original Articles in The Niche of Your Choice
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This will include content of varying lengths and types. Here is an example of what may be included:
  - Graphics
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Using e-Transfer

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*Depending on time of day, amount of content being ordered and type of service requested. Additionally, timing may increase if you are ordering web content packages for multiple niches.

Family Summer Health and Safety PLR

*Limited To 100 Licenses

78 of 100 licenses remaining
Based around simple ideas for summer specific family health solutions, the Family Summer Health and Safety PLR Article Pack contains 5 PLR articles. Each article is 400+ words

The 5 articles included in this PLR are:

    • Best Sunscreen Tips For Protecting Kids
    • Heat Exhaustion Safety Tips
    • Recognizing Heat Stroke
    • Revitalizing Spring Veggies
    • Tips For a Safe BBQ Season
      Bonus Content: When you purchase the Family Health PLR Article Pack, you will also receive the following:
      • 10 topic related tweets 
      • 5 images with attribution
      ATTN Canadian Customers: As always, you are more than welcome to pay via e-Transfer.
      Contact me for e-Transfer payment details.

      Family Summer Health and Safety PLR Pack



      Golf For Beginners PLR Article Pack

      *Only 100 Packs Will Ever Be Sold! 89 of 100 licenses remaining

      Golf For Beginners PLR Article Pack 

      Based around tips and tricks to help new golfers, the content in this pack includes 5 PLR articles, 10 topic related tweets and 5 images with attribution.  

      Each article in the Golf For Beginners PLR pack is 400+ words and includes the following titles;

      • Beginner Golf Clubs
      • Golf Accessories To Improve Your Handicap 
      • Golf Rules For Beginners
      • Rules of Golf Etiquette 
      • Golf For Newbies
      ***Golf For Beginners PLR Pack$4.00 
      ATTN Canadian Bloggers: You are more than welcome to pay via e-Transfer. 

      To be perfectly honest, e-transfer payments would be super-awesome! If nothing else, because it eliminates PayPal's frustrating delays in clearing funds and payment.

      Contact me for e-Transfer payment details.

      Camping PLR Article Pack

       *Limited To 100 Licenses
      86 of 100 licenses remaining

      Focusing on ways that can improve your family's camping trip experience, this Camping PLR Article Pack contains 4 PLR articles, 10 topic related tweets and 5 images with attribution. 

      Your Camping PLR Article Pack will include:
      • Choosing The Best Camping Style For You 
      • Tips for Planning a Family Camping Trip
      • Tips For Safe Camping
      • Top 3 Reasons To Go On A Family Camping Trip
      Camping PLR

      ATTN Canadian Bloggers: You are more than welcome to pay via e-Transfer.  

      To be perfectly honest, e-transfer payments would be super-awesome! If nothing else, because it eliminates PayPal's frustrating delays in clearing funds and payment.

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      Family Health PLR Article Pack

      *Only 50 Packs Will Ever Be Sold! 
      Narrowing in on simple changes that can improve your family's health, this Family Health PLR Article Pack contains 5 PLR articles, 10 topic related tweets and 5 images with attribution.

      Order Now To Receive these Private Label Rights (PLR) Articles:

      • 4 Tips To Make It Through Allergy Season (621 Words)
      • 5 Proven Ways to Increase Low Energy Levels (744 Words)
      • Healthy Food Substitutes (551 Words)
      • Superfoods For Your Family (430 Words)
      • Swimming is The Perfect Exercise For The Whole Family (484 Words)
      ATTN Canadian Friends: You are more than welcome to pay via e-Transfer.   

      To be perfectly honest, e-transfer payments would be super-awesome!

      If nothing else, because it eliminates PayPal's frustrating delays in clearing funds and payment.

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      Family Health PLR